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Website Copywriting

Whether you're a new company or one that's looking to revitalize your business, our copywriting can get you noticed. We include attention grabbing headlines and sub-headings using the AIDA formula of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. So more visitors will respond positively resulting in more sales for you.



Sales/Marketing Copywriting

All businesses need to sell and market their products and services and yours is no different. Whether you are selling a face cream, real estate or an eco-conscious lifestyle, you need copy which can embed itself into your audience's mind, take root and grow. Our copy is more than just words.



Personal Executive Ghostwriting

A Personal Executive Ghostwriter is someone who takes your thoughts, words, and voice and puts it down in the form of speech drafts, newsletters, articles, annual reports, marketing reports, executive communication, and customer sales letters.



News Flash


As of May 2012, Write Choice For You is accepting only select projects.

For more information, please contact Usha Sliva at usha@writechoiceforyou.com.

Thank you for your interest.


Do you have Klout?

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When a colleague of mine suggested I get onto Klout, my first thoughts were, 'oh no, not another analytical tool'! But I signed up nonetheless and here's what I discovered.

Klout Logo - The Standard for Influence

Klout bills itself as the standard for influence. It is an online reputation management tool that measures the amount of influence you or your business generates in the digital world. Your influence is ranked from 1 to 100, with 100 being the most influential.

Klout collects its data from multiple social networking sources and then puts together a 'score' which ranks you based on:

"    How many people you influence
"    How much you influence them
"    The influence of your network

Branding Lessons from the Canucks

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As a Vancouver Canucks fan, I've been watching the game with as much enthusiasm as the next Vancouverite. And I was pleased they got to the finals (of the Stanley Cup), and saddened when their loss resulted in violence and mayhem downtown.

Passions burn high when it comes to hockey in Canada, and Canucks have done an incredible job in stirring the fires. As a Vancouver copywriter and marcomms consultant, it's hard to miss the
implications. There are plenty of lessons to be learnt from this team, which has been playing since the 1970's.


Social Media Can Compliment Your Direct Marketing Campaign

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As social media continues to grow, direct mailing spend is estimated to drop by a whopping 39% by 2013. Most marketers will recommend an increase in social media spending, but the fact is, social media does not always work in isolation, and when combined with a direct marketing, it can result in an explosive campaign. Savvy companies like Dell have used tools like twitter to their advantage (their twitter feed @DellOutlet has helped them cross two million in sales). Other memorable campaigns which have been used to enhance direct marketing sales include Old Spice: Smell Like a Man, and Radio Shack's If I Had Superpowers.


Enjoying the smell of success