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As of May 2012, Write Choice For You is accepting only select projects.

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If Content is King, Where are my Subjects?

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It's been drilled into us time and time again - content is king. Write exceptional content, and your blog will see tremendous growth. Believe it or not, there are other things your viewers want besides content - I know, I learned it the hard way. You can churn out pages of excellent informative words, but if you miss the following key ingredients, you'll still find it hard to build a loyal audience.


Personality: Recently, I was going through a fellow writer's blog in which she discusses 'blog ghostwriting for executives'. And a lot of the comments raised by her post involved the importance of the executive's personality to shine through the post, whether it's ghostwritten or not.
The same holds true no matter the kind of blog post you write. When I first started out, I blogged as 'me', a wife, a mother of two, an itinerant traveler, and a successful freelance writer. I gained a bunch of followers who have since moved with me to my current blog. The reason? My readers enjoyed reading what I shared. They loved to learn about a freelance writing career, but they also enjoyed the stories I shared, which they could relate to.

Let your personality shine through your posts.

Consistency: Write quality posts and write often. The moment you build up a readership (and this is all the more important if you have an RSS feed), your audience expects to receive quality posts from you on a regular basis. Give them what they want, when they want it.

If you can post daily, that's awesome. All the top sites have a daily feed viewers can subscribe too, and sometimes, thanks to guest posts, they publish more than once a day. A calendar will help you organize your blogging schedule - I use Google calendar to help me stay on track, but any calendar will work. It also helps you avoid repeating topics and thinking up fresh content. Daily blogging helps you stay on search engine radar, a must if you want your blog to gain rank quickly.

Post daily, using Google Calendar and RSS feeds to gain traction.

Expertize: There's nothing like being an expert in your field to guarantee people will come to you. I love writing and that's what I do, so it's easy to find topics that my readers will write. What do you do? What do you love? These might be the same (if you're lucky) or might be two absolutely different things. If it's the latter, then pick the topic you're passionate about. Chances are you'll find it easier to learn more and share more about something that turns you on. And that's the start to become acknowledged as an expert in your field.

So if you are churning out blog after blog, but find it hard to attract readers, consider writing with personality, consistency, and expertize.


Need an experienced blogger to help you get started or create attention-grabbing articles? Call Vancouver Copywriter, Usha Sliva today on 604 375 7477 or email me at usha@writechoiceforyou.com. And don't forget to download your free ebook on 5 Marketing Ideas to Rock Your Business!




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